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CMP-120 (Ionescu, Fall 2021)


Nov. 11 

1:10-2:40  Library Instruction Session 

Introduction to Library Databases Search

In this assignment, I would like you to explore issues related to your major or a field you are interested in. Using library databases, I would like you to find three articles  about one of the issues. All the sources need to be reliable. One source should be a scholarly article so you get a chance to explore the conventions of writing in your major. 

Examples of issues:

Major: Education

Issue: Readjusting to in-person instruction


Major: Criminal Justice

Issue: Cybercrime


Major: Biology

Issue: Endangered species

Later, you will use the sources to write a four page paper about the issue, and you will present your paper to the class, so we all learn about the issue. You will receive more detailed instructions about the paper Nov. 23.