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ATHL-503-OL1 Strength Speed & Conditioning

This MA in Athletic Leadership online course with Prof. Green prepares you to learn how the human body responds to various training variables in regard to athletic performance in the fully-online environment

Getting Started

One of the most difficult part of conducting a good search is figuring out which terms to use and how to combine them to find resources that are relevant. As you begin researching in disciplines that are new to you, you will become familiar with the language and vocabulary. 

Research Tip: As you continue to do research, keep track of the keywords and concepts you come across. They can help you build better searches and find better, more relevant results.

Starting term  Alternative terms

higher education



financial management



economic aspects

sports administration  

sports management

sport management

athletic administration

sports events       athletic events
marketing    marketing research
sports stadiums      

sports facilities

college sports facilities

aquatic sports facilities


What are Boolean Operators?

Boolean operators are the words AND, OR  and NOT. They are accepted by most search engines and searchable data bases to help you search more efficiently.




See a demonstration of how Boolean operators work at The Boolean Machine.


If your professor hasn't give you a topic already, you will have to develop your own topic. Here are some tips to get you started.

  1. Think about what interests you. (For example, the #MeToo movement, video games,)
  2. Have you seen anything interesting or relevant on television or social media? (For example, the changing dynamics of women in television series).
  3. It's okay to Google, up to a point. When you are doing background research, that is still a part of the research process. Keep an eye out for trends, news stories, or websites that might give you ideas.
  4. Start an Outline. Take a look at some examples below that will give you outlines for starting and keeping track of your research progress.
    1. Scholastic's Research Brainstorming Worksheet
    2. The College of DuPage's Research Handouts page
    3. The Salem State University Research Worksheet 
  5. Still can’t think of a research topic? Get ideas from:

    1. Your class textbook(s) and required reading(s).

    2. Notes from class discussions and lectures

    3. Up-to-date industry magazines and news sources - try Nexus Uni

    4. A current issues database such as CQ Researcher

    5. Online or printed encyclopedias

    6. Your instructor or a librarian