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CMP 115 (Roche, Fall 2019)

Finding Periodicals

Library One Search

Use Library One Search's Advanced One Search Option.

  • This allows you to search different fields in the bibliographic record
  • Automatically connects your terms with AND or OR

For the initial field, select SUBJECT

  • Think of the general subject you want information about and type the subject into the search box.
    • Example: Such as Death Penalty
  • Add key words in the other search boxes to narrow your topic
    • Example: United States or Morality

Each new term you add will narrow the number of articles found on your topic.

You can use this method in any of the databases available at the library.

Use the Limiters in the left column to narrow your search results

  • Select "Peer Reviewed" to get only scholarly articles
  • Selecting "Academic Journals" will also narrow your results to scholarly articles or book reviews.
  • Limit the publication range.
  • You can also limit your results to English under "language."

Phrase search

Use " " to keep two or more words together as a phrase


  • "National Football League"
  • "energy level"
  • "school uniforms"
  • "Autism Spectrum"


Truncation "*", "?", "#"

To search variation of words that share the same root word and have similar meanings


  • Latin* - Latin, Latino, Latinos, Latina, Latinx
  • smok* - smoke, smoking, smokes, smoked
  • game* - game, games, gamelike, gamed, gamely, gameness, gamer, gamers (not gaming)
  • wom?n - women, woman


Boolean Operators

Use connector to specify your search restrictions and requirements


  • exercise AND "energy level"
  • concussion* AND "National Football League"
  • smok* AND health*


  • NFL OR "National football league"
  • exercise* OR "playing sports"
  • autism OR "autism spectrum"
  •  wom?n OR lad* OR female* OR girl* 


  • "gun control" NOT pistol*
  • "Hillary Clinton" NOT "Bill Clinton"
  • Insurance NOT auto


Search Is Not Case Sensitive

  • Bill Clinton=bill clinton
  • John Smith-john smith

Search with Brackets for logical execution of your search words

  • (female* OR wom*n) AND "equal pay"
  • "school uniforms" AND (distraction* OR "sense of community")
  • ("video game" OR "video games") and brain* AND (effect OR influence OR impact)