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Expanding your search

If you are finding too few relevant references then you may need to look at expanding your search. 

You can use the following features to help you identify further articles which may be of interest:


Similar Articles

When looking at the abstract page of a record, you may see that PubMed suggests Similar Articles to the article that you are looking at. 

PubMed uses a word-weighted algorithm to compare MeSH headings and words from the Title and Abstract of each citation in PubMed. The best matches found by this algorithm for each citation are then stored and recommended as Similar Articles

Some citations will not yet have Similar Articles links because they have not yet gone through the algorithm process.

Cited by link imageCited reference searching

PubMed offers cited reference searching which can be a useful way of expanding the list of references you have found, by finding more recent articles that have cited the article you are looking at. You can view Cited By links by looking at the bottom of a reference when your results are displayed in abstract view. The full record of an individual article also contains a list of Cited by articles. 

Important: Cited by information is generated using data submitted by publishers and from NCBI resources such as PubMed Central. 

View Full-Text

Click on the University Libraries button to see if the library has full-text of the article. If Rider University Library has access to the article, it will open.


InterLibrary Loan

If the Rider University Libraries does not have an item, you may interlibrary loan the item. The form will automatically complete with the publication details, but you must fill out your contact information and click submit.

Sending Results via Email

Send to EmailImage of PubMed email citation options

The Email option sends the article record/citation information. It does not send links to the full-text of the article. 

The Email option has two dropdown menus. Be sure to review the settings to make sure you receive the content you want. 

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