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Health Administration

Assignment Details

Case Study 2:  Community Heath Assessment – A Mini Assessment

  1. Using this link, select a city:
  2. Using PolicyMap (Go to “Rider Library” > “Database” > “PolicyMap > Enter Rider Key
  3. Find the indicator “Life Expectancy” and look at the national map.  Discuss what you see. (Paste the map on a separate word doc and answer this)
  4. Enter your city in the Location bar and select Life Expectancy – what do you see?  Save your map and past it to your word document and explain. Use the Island Print feature
  5. Dive deeperwhat do you think are the factors that are factors in driving the life expectancy drivers in your city?  What do you think health care providers and policy makers can do to address these disparities?  Provide maps to back up your observations
  6. Using your selected city and the City Health Dashboard Your job is to assess whether your selected city is a healthy community.  You may be required to find information that is not located on this website/database.  You will need to cite where you found the information.

Community Health Status Assessment Core Indicator Lists

Category One: Demographic Characteristics

Overall Demographic Information: City

2000 Population




2010 Population




Use the 2017 American Community Survey (ACS) for data below





Age Group




% Under 5 years




% Under 19 years




% 20 – 39 years




% 40 – 64 years




% 65 years and over








% Non-Hispanic African American




% Non-Hispanic White




% Hispanic




% Asian








% not proficient in English or % Foreign-born




Provide comments related to the city that might be helpful in analyzing the demographics and subpopulations. How is the city’s demographic distribution different from that of the state?  How can this impact health outcomes in your city? (Use charts/diagrams/pie charts to describe your data)


Category 2: Socioeconomic Characteristics:

Socioeconomic Measure




Employment - % Unemployed




Percent Below Poverty Level
















Median Household Income




Special Populations




Persons aged 25+ with less than a HS education (%)




% persons without health insurance




% Single parent families





Using City Health Dashboard: Select the following metrics and discuss disparities within your city – what do you think is driving the differences within your city?  How healthy is your city?  Name 2 areas of concern/priority?

Health Outcomes (Pick 3)

City Metric

Benchmark – either the county OR the state of your city










Social Economic Factors (Select 2)









Health Behavior (Select 3)












Physical Environment (Select 2)









Clinical Care (Select 3)