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Student Employment at Moore Library

Work for Your College Library!


There are many reasons why working at your college library can be a valuable experience and great campus job choice. Many of the examples below are actual testimonies from our current and past student employees.




  • "Networking opportunities": Valuable insights and interactions with fellow academics such as researchers, fellow students, lecturers, university administrators, etc. You may be limited on the types of people you may have contact with depending on your position, nevertheless, you get an idea what it is like and what they do. You may even make new friends and professional contacts. It's all about networking, right? What better way to do this in a library setting!
  • "Appreciating my library": We all love our college libraries because they offer quiet space, an amazing collection of materials, and friendly faces who can help us. A better understanding of how a college library works and the value of the library's role on campus is something many of our student workers say inspired them to apply for a job at the library. This again helps you to appreciate your university and privileged position as a student even more.
  • "Becoming work-ready": Learning to adapt to schedules and common work policies and procedures- many professional companies, organizations and corporations will have their own set of rules to follow. Some may be strict or less "by-the-book" in their styles of management and organization. Whatever type of job you end up in, there will likely be rules, policies, and procedures that you will have to follow. Many jobs in our library require students to stick to and maintain a schedule, follow and adhere to employment policies, and learn how to adapt to the organization's culture. For many students, a campus job will supply them with first-hand employment experience in a professional environment. This is a great place to start learning and applying these very important lifetime skills. Library job experience tends to be a great addition to a resume as the skills are complimentary for just about any job out there.
  • "Represent!": Helping others in their research and learning quests is one of the major reasons students apply for jobs with the library. It's great to help others and the library environment provides opportunities to do so. Since your job is to support the research process, you are already aware of how important your role is to the campus community. Whether you work in customer service or cataloging, you are an important contributor and we value all that students bring to the workforce. This is a job to take pride in! Your friends will be jealous!
  • "Learn from the pros":  Rider University staff, administrators, and library faculty all have specialized education and training in the field. You will gain a lot of new and exciting knowledge from these professionals.
  • "Quiet and relaxing place to work": The library is often considered a quiet haven for study and research. While we can have busy times in the semester, you will often find a nice balance of quiet time too.
  • "Fun place to work": We work hard here at the library but know when to have some fun too. Pizza parties, special treats and creative rewarding incentives are just a part of what we do for students.
  • "Contributing to the greater good": As said earlier, the contributions that student library workers make to our library is an important key to our success. You help us understand the needs of students and that in itself is critical to our operations. Feeling needed, important, and valuable is something we understand because we greatly appreciate our student workers.