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Use Zotero to stay organized and to create bibliographies. Recommended for graduate students and faculty

Using Zotero in MS Word

1. Add the MS Word Plugin

2. Open Word, begin writing.

3. When you need to cite, click on Zotero in the menu bar in the top window.

4. Click Add/Edit Citation

Screenshot of Zotero with arrow to Zotero in menu bar and arrow to Add/Edit Citation

5. The word Citation will appear in Brackets as pictured). A pop-up from Zotero will appear below. Search for your article(s) and click enter as you find each one.

Screenshot of how a citation is added to word with Zotero MS word plug in (explained on this page)


6. To add your bibliography, click on Zotero in the menu bar in the top window and click on Add/Edit Bibliography.