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CRC-100 (Beilin)

Search tips that you can use across databases and Internet search engines

Phrase search

Use " " to keep two or more words together as a phrase


  • "plastic water bottle"
  • "assault rifles"
  • "gun control laws"
  • professional athletes"
  • "minimum wage"


Truncation "*", "?", "#"

Each database may use different symbols. To search variation of words that share the same root word and have similar meanings


  • child* - child, children, childless, childbirth, childbirths, childish, childbearing, childbearing, childlike, childless, childlessness...
  • comput* - computer, computers, computation, computational, computerize, computerizing, computerized, compute, computing, computed...
  • student* - student, students
  • wom?n - women, woman


Boolean Operators

Use connectors to specify your search restrictions and requirements. Write connectors in caps.


  • Arts AND school* AND fund*
  • "flu shots" AND "college students" AND mandatory
  • Cheer AND sport*


  • female* OR lad* OR wom?n OR girl*
  • GMO OR "Genetically modified organism"
  • micronutritional OR "micro nutritional" OR micronutients
  • NFL OR "National Football League"


  • "health insurance" NOT (auto OR car)
  • (Hillary AND Clinton) NOT Bill
  • ("Hillary Clinton" OR "Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton") NOT "Bill Clinton"


Search Is Not Case Sensitive

Bill Clinton=bill clinton

John Smith=john smith

Bill Gates=bill gates


Examples of Search Statements

Use capitalized connectors and brackets for the logical execution of search from left to right

(tipping OR tips) AND restaurant* AND price

voting AND mandatory

"computer game*" AND (impact OR harm) AND ("young people" OR teen* or children OR youngster*)

(GMO OR "genetically modified organism" OR "genetically modified food") AND ban*