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ENV-220 (Druckenbrod, Spring_2020)

Weather and Climate Change

Finding Information

Rider University Libraries subscribe to over 100 databases, where you can find citations and obtain access to reliable, quality--and both popular and/or scholarly-- information--newpaper, magazine, and journal articles; white papers; book chapters; and encylopedic and factual information--as well as streaming music and video

From the Libraries' home page, click Libraries Website, then select Databases & Indexes.  From here you can browse databases by SUBJECT or ALPHABETICALLY.

The following are selected databases that might be helpful in your research. There may be more; check the links above. 





Academic Search Premier

OmniFile Full Text Mega



General Science Full Text

Science Direct


NOTE: Science and Nature are available in print in Moore Library. Use the online catalog to access the online version of Nature and Science.

US Global Change Research Program writes reports on projected impacts by region (“National Climate Assessments”).  Their most recent report was published in Nov. 2018 (

National Climate Change Viewer (NCCV): For past and projected climate data on the specific county or watershed for your city, use this database The viewer requires Flash Player 11.1 or higher.

When using Google Scholar, REMEMBER:  You should never pay for an article.

If Rider University Libraries has access to an article you will see a "Get It @ Rider University!" link.

  • If you are on campus, this will take you directly to the article.
  • If you are off campus, click link for directions for linking Rider University in Google Scholar: set up Google Scholar to find Rider University; the link will first take you to a page where you will authenticate yourself using your EZPass information.

Alternatively, check the Find Journals page to see if the Libraries subscribe or have access to the journal. 

If not, we can get it for you through Interlibrary Loan (Borrow from Other Libraries); this may take up to two weeks, so give yourself enough lead time.

Here is an example of a search result in Google Scholar on global warming:


Google and Rider University are now linked!  If Rider University has access to an article, you will see a "Get It@Rider University Libraries" link. Click the link to access the article.

Found the perfect article but there is no link to the full text? We might have access through another database. 


If you have a citation for a journal article you want to get, use the Journals link to see if the Libraries own or have access to the print or electronic versions of the journal title. Here's how to check.The example below is to find full text articles in the New York Times newspaper. From the RU Library home page, click the link to Journals.

picture of library home page with a black circle around the word, Journals

Type the name of the newspaper name in search box to see if it is available in one of our databases or in Moore Library:

Search box with word, New York Times with result of search finding the newspaper in Nexis and Proquest databases.