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Higher Education

Focus: Higher education administration, community college administration, online education, student affairs, student development, continuing education, adult learning

Advanced PsycINFO Searching

From the Libraries' home page select Databases & Indexes. From here you can browse databases by Subject (e.g., "Education") or by using the A-Z list.

First, click on Advanced Search to use special limiters available there to limit your results:

  1. Under Publication Type, choose Peer Reviewed Journal
  2. Under English, check the box
  3. Under Exclude Dissertations, check the box:


Second, use the Thesaurus link to help you choose correct subject terms for your topic and related terms, or descriptors (i.e., Other related terms/phrases, for example, for the subject bully or bullying:

Third, after consulting the Thesaurus, decide on and type in your search statement, to include using truncation (*) or parenthesis as needed (see example below), and search: 

 bully* OR harassment OR "school violence" OR teasing OR hazing OR cyberbully*


Fourth, click Search History, and then Print Search History:

Here is the search history from the above search

Fifth, limit your search results by doing another search statement, this time for a population group / location (i.e., Elementary OR child*), and joining that search with the original search (S1):