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CMP-125 (O'Neil, 2020)

Locate Information

Next, find information about your topic.  

What types of sources will be good for your topic, books, audio, journals, magazines, websites?

What search tools can help you locate them, the library library catalog, journal databases, web search engines?

Depending on what you find, you might need to revise your topic or search strategy.

If you are having trouble finding information on your topic, always feel free to ask a librarian.


Capitalize your connectors AND/OR

1. Phrase Search-keep a phrase together so it will not get separated and lose intended meaning


"yellowstone park"

"sandy hook"

2. Truncations  - to search words of various endings


comput* -computer, computers, computerize computerized, computerinzing, computational, computation

wom?n - woman or women

girl*-girl, girls, girlish

3. Boolean Operators - use AND/ OR/ NOT to connect your keywords - Boolean Machine.

 Example- AND

california AND parks

"yellowstone park" AND "wild life"

Example- OR

women OR girl* OR female*

research OR survey or case stud*

Example- NOT (AND NOT)

yellowstone NOT park

clinton AND NOT hillary

4. Use parenthesis and quotation marks for logical execution of search terms

"sex* harrassment" AND ("work place" OR office OR corporations)

Find articles and books on the topic "The impact of killing on returning soldiers in Iraq War" via One Search.

Keyword strategies: (killing OR violen*) AND soldier* AND "iraq war"

* To search for primary sources, one can add search terms such as: interview* OR witness* OR personal narrative* OR letter*

1. Use Advanced Search Interface; enter keywords for one concept in each line. Connect synonyms with OR (capitalize OR). 
2. Use capitalized OR & AND to connect your keywords
3. Limit keywords in Subject or Abstract field of the record.
4. Limit to "Online Access & In Library" will get only the full-text articles, library's books and e-books. 
5. Limit by "Publication Date"

One Search for impact of killing to soldiers to Iraq War



  • Find a perfect article but how do you know if you have access to the full text? This Finding the Full Text of Articles Research Guide can help you.
  • What if there is no link to the full text of the article? We might have access through another database. Use the Find Journals link to check.
  • Use the Find Journals link to locate a particular article if you have a citation.

Demonstration: Access and use Find Journals link to locate full-text articles:

Library Catalog

                  Advanced Search

Tutorial on How to Search Online Catalog

Sample book search

1. At the Advanced Search box, enter  your keyword, each concept in a line, Limit by Subject

2. Under Location > Moore Stacks (shelves)

3. Use the book call number to find books on the shelves.

4. For primary sources, use the keyword word "source*" to search.

Search example: Women's experience in war on terror.

Keywords: women AND war AND terror 

1. Use Advanced Search, limit by Subject

catalog search war on terror for women

2. Note the Format includes printed and e-books; Access e-books on line. The book Call Number helps you find the book on the shelf (stack). 

catalog search result women and war terror





Check the Rider Research Guide 

History- Primary Sources  - Tip: use keywords:interview, witness, personal narrative or letter to search for primary sources. 

Nexis Uni is a comprehensive database including news, business, and legal research.   

Nexis Uni Research Guide

Sample Search for News on a topic:  Returning soldiers from Iraq War and their families  

Guided Search 
1. Select News, Enter the search box: returning soldier* AND Iraq War AND famil*, Choose the date range from 1 January 2003 till current date and click "Search" 

Nexis Uni search for returning soldiers from Iraq War and their families


2. Limit search results by Publication Type, Narrative News, and Source. Your keywords are highlighted in yellow. 

Sample Topics:

1. What's the role of women and families upon a soldier coming home from Iraq war?

(women OR wives OR mother OR famil*)  AND soldier*  AND iraq war

2. What's the role of religion upon a soldier coming home from Iraq war?
(religio* OR faith OR god) AND soldier* AND Iraq war

3. What is the impact of killing upon a soldier returning home from Iraq war?

(killing* OR violen*) AND soldier* AND "Iraq war"

4. The importance of brotherhood amongst soldiers. 
(brotherhood* OR friendship) AND soldier*