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CMP-125 (Peters, Spring 2020)

Research writing

Reflect on Process

Reflecting on what is found and revising as needed

Throughout the process, it is helpful to reflect on what you have found and what you have learned so far.  At this point, ask yourself some questions:

If someone else reads my paper, are they able to understand and connect the points I make?

Do you need more information? Are there any gaps in the evidence found to support your argument?

Would it be helpful to include some statistics to make your argument stronger?

Basically, what information do you need to help make your case?

This is also a good time to consider revising and polishing your work.  This page includes some resources which may help you through that process.


Many resources are available to you as you work through a research project.  

If you have questions, you can check with your instructor, of course.  

You can Ask A Librarian for help as you find and evaluate information.

The Student Success Center is another excellent resource available to you. The Writing Studio provides free, scheduled consultations to assist students in the process of composing and communicating.