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Nexis Uni

Nexis Uni (formerly Lexis Nexis) is a comprehensive databse including news, business, and legal research.

Finding Company info

Guided Search works well to find company information.

  • Select "Company Info" under "What are you interested in?"
  • Under "Search in all Company information for," type in your search terms (i.e., a company name)
  • Under "...and show me" select from the following options: Company Profile, All company information, Analyst Reports, Mergers & Acqusitions, or SEC Filings). 
  • Then click Search. Screenshot of nexis uni - guided search highlighting options on the pull down for company info

Easily find a SWOT analysis (if available) by typing in a company name and swot (i.e., apple and swot) and clicking the magnifying glass to search. 

Screenshot Nexis Uni searching for apple and swot on the large search box