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Health Care Reform (Affordable Care Act or ACA) Blog

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New Jersey and the ACA News ( -  Affordable Care Act enrollment in NJ, Nov. 15- Feb. 15.

New Jersey for Healthcare Policy Perspectives

December, 2013

The Sky Isn’t Falling: NJ Consumers With Substandard Health Plans Have Choices (And the State Can Help)

Important and Time Sensitive News

From NJ Citizen Action, concerning enrollment period 2014, received 12/16/2014

“Today is the last day for consumers to sign up for coverage starting January 1 for people who live in states that use  As we have anticipated, we are seeing very high consumer demand on and at the call center for people looking to meet the deadline.

 Because the call center is experiencing longer than normal wait times, some callers are being asked to leave their contact information so they do not have to wait. We will call them back at a convenient time starting tomorrow and if they select a plan their coverage will still begin on January 1. Consumers can also shop for coverage and select a plan on anytime until midnight pacific time tonight.”

New guidance from CMS on immigrants with less than 5 years residency:

 Those with less than 5 years residency need only to receive a verbal confirmation from NJFamilyCare that they are not eligible for Medicaid in order to proceed with the application process. 

We will forward any written guidance received, but have been assured this is all that is required for immigrants to complete application for coverage and subsidies on the Marketplace

This year, applications needing additional verification will be sent to NJFamilyCare for processing. Applications are transmitted to NJFC 2x a month.   It is recommended that immigrants fill in all possible fields on the application – INCLUDING OPTIONAL FIELDS – in order to avoid the need for additional verification.  While this will not work with all applicants it will help some avoid this additional step that can further delay their application and enrollment.