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Arts & Entertainment Industries Management

Research help in any of the arts with respect to creation, marketing, trends, etc., including both non-profit and for profit

Organization Codes

All industry in the United States is tracked by either NAICS or SIC codes.  Use the links below to find out the proper code for your business. The print copies can be useful for browsing.






NAICS  Image from: Canada Office of Energy Efficiency

Codes for Arts

325992  Graphic arts plates, sensitized, manufacturing
611519  Graphic arts schools
611519  Culinary arts schools
611610  Performing arts schools (except academic)
611610  Fine arts schools (except academic)
611620  Martial arts instruction, camps, or schools
611699  Self defense (except martial arts) instruction
621399  Manual-arts therapists' offices (e.g., centers, clinics)
711310  Promoters of live performing arts productions (e.g., concerts) with facilities
711310  Promoters of arts events with facilities
711310  Performing arts center operators
711310  Organizers of live performing arts productions (e.g., concerts) with facilities
711310  Organizers of arts events with facilities
711310  Managers of arts events with facilities
711310  Managers of live performing arts productions (e.g., concerts) with facilities
711310  Live arts center operators
711310  Festival of arts promoters with facilities

      ... ETC. ...