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Arts & Entertainment Industries Management

Research help in any of the arts with respect to creation, marketing, trends, etc., including both non-profit and for profit

Find Books


Screenshot of Library Catalog Interface


Screenshot of Library Catalog Record where you can find the call number to locate the book.


Screenshot highlighting the Library One Search tab where you can expand your search.


Screenshot highlighting use the left hand menu items to refine search results.

You can also browse the shelves using the Library of Congress classification number. 

Use the Library of Congress Classification Outline to browse for serendipitous discovery of books in your subject area. Here are the call number ranges for Arts Administration:

Second Floor (main floor)

  • AM --- Museums, Collectors, and Collecting  (second floor)

Third Floor - find the N's around the perimeter of the library

  • N --- Fine Arts 
  • N (400-3990) --- Art Museums, Galleries, etc.
  • N (4390-5098) --- Exhibitions
  • N (5198-5299) --- Private Collection and Collectors
  • N (8600-8675) --- Economics of Art
  • N (8700-9165) --- Art and the State; Public Art
  • NX --- Arts in General
  • NX (700-750) --- Patronage of the Arts
  • NX (760-770) --- Administration of the Arts
  • NX (775-777) --- Voluntarism in the Arts
  • NX (798-820) --- Arts Centers and Facilities
  • PN (1560-1590) --- Performing Arts; Show Business
  • PN (2000-3307) --- Dramatic Representation and Theater


The following are just a few subject headings that may be used when searching the Libraries' catalog:

  • Art -- Patronage
  • Arts -- Finance
  • Arts -- Management
  • Arts -- Marketing
  • Arts administrators
  • Cultural policy
  • Fundraising
  • Grants in aid
  • Nonprofit management

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