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Library Resources for Prof. Shen's Class Projects

Research Instruction for Course Project

Moore on search skills

Search Skills

1. Use quotes to search a phrase


"internet 2 project"

"computer science"

2. Boolean operators OR, AND, NOT


OR- internet2 or internet 2 ("or" connects similar concepts to broaden a search)

AND- internet2 and "latest development" ("and" connects different concepts to narrow down a search)

AND- "internet2 project" and "communication protocals"

NOT-"internet2" not "wall street" ("not" or "and not" will exclude a term from a search)

3. Use Brackets in Search Statement


(internet2 or "internet 2") and "major players"

("internet 2 project" or "internet 2 project") and missions

4. Truncation symbols to broaden your search, "*" and "?"


comput*-computer, computers, computation, computational, computerizing, computerized

wom?n-women or woman

podcast*-podcast or podcasts

5. Search not case sensitive



Bill Gates=bill gates

United States=united states