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Searching Tips & Strategies

Easy steps to search like a pro. Learn these and safe yourself time and energy--and get better results!

Examine your results for more terms, such as those in the SUBJECTS field. The SUBJECTS field will contain preferred terms for concepts or related terms that allow you to:

1. Collect new terms to use or add to your already existing search.

2. Get an idea of the scope of your topic

3. Identify a relevant article or book to read.


Here are some results from the search mental health AND (latinx OR hispanic) AND (teenagers OR adolescents), with various subject terms that might be useful highlighted.

three results from a search are shown with different color boxes around different subject terms.

Database Searching Process chart with Examine Results in green lower left highlighted, with title, subjects, and abstracts in a red box. Arrows point to Choose & Combine keywords and Use database categories to Limit and Refine, the other two processes, arranged in a triangle, with arrows pointing both ways to each element.