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Searching Tips & Strategies

Easy steps to search like a pro. Learn these and safe yourself time and energy--and get better results!

Use Advanced Search (multiple search boxes).

first box concept 1 AND second box concept 2 AND third box concept 3

  • Separate concepts into different boxes
  • Add synonyms or related concepts
  • Add or delete concepts from search easily

Box 1: concept 1 OR concept 1 synonym AND box 2 concept 2 OR concept 2 synonym AND box 3 concept3 OR concept 3 synonoym. ANDs are part of the search box dropdown and ORs are capitatlized. ORs are highlighted in RED boxes and Note: Capitalize AND,  OR, NOT, at the top of the search boxes is highlighted in a red box.

First box mental health AND second box latinx OR hispanic [OR is captitalized] AND teenagers OR adolescents