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Communication and Journalism

Websites of Communication & Journalism Assoc. and Societies

This association focuses on the study of communications. It's an online association that's free to join. It offers a blog, and message boards where members can talk about different issues related to communication.

Audio Engineering Society

International Communication Association

"A trade association that advocates on behalf of more than 8,300 free, local radio and television stations and also broadcast networks before Congress, the Federal Communications Commission and the courts."

National Communication Association 

Protecting, promoting and enhancing community newspapers since 1885.

Site includes announcements about competitions, information about educational programs, business of screen writing, and conferences.

Western StatesCommunication Association

This association focuses on international and intercultural communication. Its journals and newsletters may prove valuable for students who are interested in this branch of communications. It's also a good way to network.

World Wide Web Consortium

This group's aim is to develop protocols, standards and guidelines to lead the WWW to its full potential and ensure long-term growth for the web.