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Find Images for Study

Here are some tips, websites, databases for finding images (art, photos, etc.).

Citing Images

Below are examples of citations, done in MLA and Chicago style, respectively.
Ernst, Max.  L'Ange du Foyer.  (1937).  Private Collection.  Web.  Google Image Search.  April 1 2010.

Jean Droit. Debout dans la tranchee que l'aurore eclaire, le soldat reve a la victoire et a son foyer (Image).  Available from: Illinois Harvest.  <,0>.  (April 1 2010).



Credit: University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign Libraries

NoodleTools from the Library homepage will guide you in citing an image based on your chosen style guide. Be sure to use the Library's link to NoodleTools & Style Guides for the most comprehensive version of the software.