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AI tools for Research

This guide includes information and suggested Generative AI tools to bolster your research productivity. Generative AI is one type of artificial intelligence (AI) system that generates text, images, and other media in response to user prompts.

Introduction: Conducting AI Powered Research

AI tools for research can help you to discover new sources for your research assignment or literature review! These tools synthesize information from large databases of scholarly output to find the most relevant articles, thereby saving researchers' time. As with our research databases or any other search tool, however, it's important to:

1) always evaluate results/output;

2) not rely on any one tool for all of your research,

as you will risk missing important information on your topic of interest. 

Researchers have found AI research tools useful for:

  • Hypothesis/research question development
  • Literature reviews
  • Data analysis
  • Experiment design
  • Communication of findings
  • Collaboration & networking