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CMP-125 (Quirk, Spring 2023)

News in Library One Search

After your search, limit to News under "Source Types" in the limiting categories on the left-hand side of your search results.


Under Source Types in the left-hand menu, "News" is selected. The parethenses after "News" tells that there are 70 items tagged as news for this search.


To see news immediately available through one of our databases, select "Online Access" under the "Limit To" filter.

  • Caution: Selecting "Online Access"  will eliminate news sources that may not have full text (PDFs or links) associated with them but may be freely accessible on the web by searching by article title in quotes in a search engine.

Online Access is checked in the Limit To filter.

In other non-news databases, under "Source Type", limit to "News" or "Newspapers."

This example is from GenderWatch. "Wirefeeds" ("Newswires") is also an option--where news agencies, such as the Associated Press (AP) and Reuters, sell their articles to be republished elsewhere.

"Source type: lists Newspapers as an option, along with Dissertations & Theses, Magazines, Reports, and Wirefeeds. A "more" option lets you expand the box to see additional source types.