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CMP-125 (Muzyk, Spring 2023)

Search tips that you can use across databases and Internet search engines

Phrase search

Use " " to keep two or more words together as a phrase


  • "culture shock"
  • "gun control"
  • "video games"
  • "Tiger Woods"


Truncation "*", "?", "#"

To search variation of words that share the same root word and have similar meanings


  • Latin* - Latin, Latino, Latinos, Latina, Latinx
  • famil* - family, families
  • game* - game, games, gamelike, gamed, gamely, gameness, gamer, gamers (not gaming)
  • wom?n - women, woman


Boolean Operators

Use connector to specify your search restrictions and requirements


  • "dysfunctional families" AND "psychological upbringing"
  • sport* AND "academic performance"
  • "equipment change" AND golf


  • female* OR lad* OR wom?n OR girl*
  • "dyfunctional families" OR "dyfunctional family"
  • "High school" AND student* AND grades
  • "culture shock" OR "cultural shock"


  • "gun control" NOT pistol*
  • "Hillary Clinton" NOT Bill
  • Insurance NOt aut


Search Is Not Case Sensitive

  • Bill Clinton=bill clinton
  • John Smith-john smith

Search with Brackets for logical execution of your search words

  • (female* OR wom*n) AND "equal pay"
  • ("equipment change" OR "equipment changes") AND golf
  • "Tiger Woods" AND (rise OR fall)
  • ("video game" OR "video games") and brain* AND (effect OR influence OR impact)