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CMP-125 (Muzyk, Spring 2023)


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The Research Paper - General Instructions

The research paper assignment requires analytical and critical thinking. The paper is not a report of information; you will NOT be writing a report on the life of a particular person or the history of a particular time period. You will develop an argument about your topic. Your professor will guide you in choosing an appropriate research topic and thesis.

A research paper forces you to think for yourself, to examine contrary opinions, to evaluate the sources, to educate yourself and take a position on a complex topic. Your paper should be persuasive, requiring an argumentative thesis.

The first step in your research requires you to narrow down your topic by following the guidelines designated in Research Report I. We will have a library orientation, and you will be given assistance in completing Research Report I. Once you have received approval from your instructor on your topic, you will need to develop an argument about it.

Once you have developed an argument about your topic, you should begin conducting extensive research on the topic.

Length: 8-10 pages of text, not including the Works Cited page.

Sources: The 8-10 scholarly, Rider library database sources on the Works Cited page must be quoted within the text of the paper. You also may use two credible websites; they must be formally evaluated and approved by your instructor. (You may have eight scholarly database sources plus two credible websites.)

Works Cited: At least 8 sources, which are worked into your research paper, are listed in correct MLA format.

Presentation: Follow the MLA format.

Research Paper Process: You must hand in all of the research paper assignments in order of their due date in order for your research paper to be accepted. This assignment is: 1. Research Report I (Choosing a Topic)

The final draft must be uploaded to Canvas.


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