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CMP-125 (Setters - Spring 2024)

CMP 125

LibGuide for CMP-125 with Prof. Setters


This guide will help you find and locate books in the library.

It will help you to find journal articles  and access them from library databases 

You will learn to create effective search statements by:

  • selecting keywords and synonyms 
  • using Boolean operators, limiters and truncation

You will learn how to use citation management and formatting tools (eg. Refworks) for creating citations.


Although the library is now open, please see Remote Services to find out what help is available online.

Please check the Library Hours before contacting a librarian live.

Click here for Chat Reference.

This guide will connect you with resources to find journal articles, newspaper articles, books, and other sources. It is structured around the I-LEARN information use and learning model (Neuman, 2011).  The tabs above will take you through each step of the process of finding, evaluating, and using information.

Recursive and flexible, the I-LEARN model can be used in any information setting.  The model includes six elements:

  • Identify an information problem by activating an interest, scanning the environment, and focusing on a question
  • Locate the needed information through searching and extracting the relevant information
  • Evaluating that information through questioning its authority, relevance, and timeliness
  • Applying that information to the question thorough organizing and communicating
  • Reflecting on what is found and revising as needed
  • kNowing through personalizing and internalizing the information (Neuman, 2011)

 I-LEARN model was developed by Neuman, D. (2011). Learning in information-rich environments: I-LEARN and the construction of knowledge in the 21st century.  New York: Springer.

This guide is part of dissertation research being conducted by Stacey Greenwell in Spring 2013.