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CMP-125 (Roche - Fall 2021)


Next, find information about your topic.  

What types of sources will be good for your topic, books, audio, journals, magazines, websites?

What search tools can help you locate them, the library library catalog, journal databases, web search engines?

Depending on what you find, you might need to revise your topic or search strategy.

If you are having trouble finding information on your topic, always feel free to ask a librarian.



Capitalize your connectors AND/OR

1. Phrase Search-keep a phrase together so it will not get separated and lose intended meaning


"yellowstone park"

"sandy hook"

2. Truncations  - to search words of various endings


comput* -computer, computers, computerize computerized, computerinzing, computational, computation

wom?n - woman or women

girl*-girl, girls, girlish

3. Boolean Operators - use AND/ OR/ NOT to connect your keywords - Boolean Machine.

 Example- AND

california AND parks

"yellowstone park" AND "wild life"

Example- OR

women OR girl* OR female*

research OR survey or case stud*

Example- NOT (AND NOT)

yellowstone NOT park

clinton AND NOT hillary

4. Use parenthesis and quotation marks for logical execution of search terms

"sex* harrassment" AND ("work place" OR office)

Selected databases that contain a variety of journal and/or newspaper articles:

Example of a Library One Search

1. Use Advanced search interface

2. Search by keyword  and limit search in Subject or Abstract field

3. Use keywords describing one concept in each search box, connect synonyms with connector OR (capitalized)

4. Limit to Full text articles (and/or to Peer Reviewed journals)

5. Limit the date range (to more recent articles)

6. Example of Library One Search:

Topic:  How can abused women survive?

Search statement:   (abused women OR battered women) AND surviv*

Advanced Search Page of Library One Search:  

search abused women



Library Catalog

                  Advanced Search

Tutorial on How to Search Online Catalog


Sample book search on "how abused women survive?"

1. At the Advanced Search box, enter  cell* phone OR mobile phone, Limit to Subject

2. Under Location > Moore Stacks (shelves)

3. Use the book call number to find books on the shelves.

abused women catalog


catalog search result

Using Library One Search to Find Books on How abused women survive.

search books using One Search


Search Tips for OneSearch Advanced page :

  • Limit search to Subject or Abstract field to narrow down the results to most relevant articles.
  • Capitalized connectors (AND, OR) to search. Otherwise, the search engine will not do the search logic functions correctly and will yield more irrelevant items in the result. 
  • Use OR to connect synonyms.
  • Use truncation symbol * to search for the words with various forms (e.g. speak* for speak, speaker(s), speaking).
  • Use quotations for phrase search (e.g.  "affordable care act").
  • Limit to Full Text, Peer Reviewed and by Publication Date.

Keywords Suggestions for Your Topics

1. How does ADHD impact the social and academic lives of the students who have it at Rider University?

ADHD AND "college students" AND (social OR "academic achievement")  [by Subjece]

** There are general information on this but it is hard to research information about Rider University students. Search Rider University Information resources to see if there is anything on this or interview Rider's Dean of Students. 

2. In what ways has the way children have been physically treated by adults with Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy affected the lives of these child victims emotionally?

3. How does the administration of standardized testing impact the education of students in South Brunswick public schools?

4. How does homework affect elementary aged students' academic success?

5. To what degree have seeds of depression been planted into students during their middle school years?

6. To what degree has drug use changed moving from high school to college?  

7. What seems to be the most effective ways that college students deal with academic, work, and home-life stress?

8. Why is the population of incarcerated Native Americans on the rise? 

9. Why is intersectional feminism an important aspect of the twenty first century for millennials?

10. To what degree do academic and athletic obligations affect a college student athlete's mental health?

11. To what degree do athletes in college care about the food that they eat?

12. To what degree does physical fitness affect the way musical theatre majors at Rider University process the high stress of their training?

13. What challenges are faced by colleges and universities on preventing opioid use?