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CMP-203: Literature and Composition (Harris, Spring 2020)

Your Searching Strategy

1. Search for the AUTHOR of the novel, story, play, poem, or other work as the SUBJECT.

2. Search for the TITLE of the story or poem as:

  • a KEYWORD (when limiting to the Rider University Libraries Catalog in Library One Search; don't change the option in the drop-down box
  • or the SUBJECT (to get more revelvant results for articles or book chapter citations in literature databases).

3. If needed, enter other concepts you wish to search for as keywords (don't change the option in the drop-down box).

4. Delete terms to broaden your search; add terms to narrow your search. HINT: If you are having trouble finding results, start with a broad search (author as subject) and use the categories on the left side of the results page to narrow your search or give you ideas for terms.

Library One Search (Advanced Search)

Example 1:

Example 2


Example 3