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CMP 125 Blum Fall 2021


Citations for Hit Songs Deconstructed MLA

Creating a citation from Hit Songs Deconstructed in MLA Style

Follow the format for a website reference.  There is no print equivalent of Hit Songs Deconstructed.

Format for the full reference:

Name of Group/Organization. "Title of Page or Article." Name of Website, Publisher or Sponsoring Organization if different from website name, Date of publication or last modified date, URL. Accessed Day Month Year viewed (optional, add if there is no upload/publication date).


Hit Songs Deconstructed. "Drake: Achieving Staying Power in Hip Hop." Hit Songs Deconstructed. Accessed  October 4, 2021. 

Hit Songs Deconstructed. "Life is Good." Hit Songs Deconstructed.  Accessed October 4, 2021.

In-Text Citations

If you just have one reference from Hit Songs Deconstructed: 

Drake has staying power (Hit Songs Deconstructed). 

If you have a few references to charts or reports your intext citations will appear as  (Hit Songs Deconstructed, "Title of Report").

Drake has staying power (Hit Songs Deconstructed, "Drake: Achieving"). 

Life is Good is a #2 song (Hit Songs Deconstructed, "Life is Good").