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Copy Editing (COM 211, Bausman, 2020)


1. Use the microfilm reader/scanner/printer to print the front page of NY Times on microfilm.

2. Locate the Library's reference books on a topic, find scholarly articles on a topic and by authors, including articles written by Rider faculty.

3. Locate U.S. population from U.S. Census 2010 and 2000. 


1. MICROFILM: Copy from microfilm the front page of The New York Times on the date and year you were born. Attach an 8.5x11 printout stapled to this page. If you wish, you can save it on a USB drive and print it in FA 259 as an 11x17 for yourself. Write 300 words on what you think is the most important story on the front page and why it is the most important.

2. CENSUS: From Census data, report the population of the town where you were born (hospital location) in 2000 and 2010. Also, report the population in both years for your own racial/ethnic group. Attach printouts and fill in answers here:


3. OED: From the print edition of the Oxford English Dictionary (Reference shelf PE1625 .O87 1991), photocopy the page on which your surname would appear. Circle the English word closest to your surname. Attach a printout.

4. SCHOLARLY RESEARCHAttach the abstract or first paragraph from the latest academic article of Rider professor as assigned. Use Library One Search. 

5. REFERENCE BOOKS: Find a reference book in the Moore Library reference collection (or reference annex) on the subject assigned to you. Type and attach its citation information (author(s)/editor(s), title, publication information. On the same sheet, answer these questions and attach: What is a strength of this book? What is a weakness of this book?

6. GOOGLE and LIBRARY DATABASES: Muslim-American and immigrant terrorism; Find two scholarly articles by Charles Kurzman on the subject of Muslim-American terrorism. Print and attach the title page or abstract page of both, and write a paragraph summarizing the findings .

EXTRA CREDIT: Find a 2011 article Dr. Kurzman wrote in Muslim World on Muslim American terrorists.  Provide the citation of the article and summarize the findings in a paragraph. Do you consider the findings still valid in reflecting Muslim American communities in the US today? Why? Your answer should be one paragraph.

When finished, please number each attachment, by question number, in the upper right corner and attach them to this page in order. Return your completed work to me in class on Mar. 4.

Question 4

Question 4 (scholarly research)

Demara Barnes – Dr. Sheena Howard, Communications & Journalism

Tatyanna Carman – Dr. Kimberly Vaccaro, Theatre & Dance

Shaun Chornobroff — Dr. Mohammed Ahsanullah, Info Sys & Supply Chain Management

Sherrod Cotton – Dr. Joel Phillips, MusComp/Hist/Theory

Caroline King -- Dr. Hope Corman, Finance & Econ

August Joachim — Dr. Benjamin Eichhorn, Info Sys & Supply Chain Mgt.

Dylan Manfre -- Dr. Daniel L. Druckenbrod, GEMS

Stephanie Melandez — Dr. Kimberly Vaccaro, Theatre & Dance

Jessica Nunes -- Dr. Bryan Spiegelberg, Chem

Andriana Rice-Gilmore -- Dr. Brooke Hunter, History

Madison Schramm -- Dr. Benjamin Eichhorn, Info Sys & Supply Chain Mgt.

Ms. Yeruhan – Dr. Joanne P. Vesay, Teacher ed

Question 5 (reference books)

Demara Barnes – Nutrition

Tatyanna Carman – Broadway theatre

Shaun Chornobroff -- Automobiles

Sherrod Cotton – Climate change

August Joachim — Motorcycles

Caroline King – Tigers

Dylan Manfre – Motion pictures

Stephanie Melendez — Cable TV

Jessica Nunes -- Dogs

Andriana Rice-Gilmore -- Religions

Madison Schramm -- Fashion

Ms. Yeruhan – Word usage

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