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Moore Moments 2019-20

Blind Date with a Book


Coming-of-age tale... with mixtapes. (YA novel and Rider Book Club Pick!)


YA Drama for book lovers.  (hint: "The Codex Absconder")


Drama/Fantasy from the king of horror. This recent novel really "shines."


Mystery! Suspense! History! Probably Illuminati!


Award-winning novel about subterranean train tracks. 


The Great New Jersey Novel, in Spanglish. 


Humor, especially for budding speech therapists.


Poems and essays that "come at you like doom."


A book so good, Boomers call it "major."


And you thought YOUR family had secrets. (Drama)


A young girl finds herself in trying historical times. (YA graphic memoir)


Coming-of-age in 1970s Brooklyn isn't easy. 


Bespectacled teen at elite school rallies classmates. (Drama/Adventure)


YA fantasy alternate title: The Muted Blade.


First loves reunite. Is it meant to be? 


THE V-Day book. (Drama)


Coming-to-America tale. Who are YOU named after? 


Historical drama, or: "Entirely the illumination we are not able to view."


YA take on society and police violence through a teen's eyes. (Rider Book Club Pick!)


Lots of people die. (Fantasy/Drama)